Month: December 2011

Séjour Européen and the Questioning of Tyranny in 2011

Alas, another trip to the main European continent for knowledge, truth, love, and beauty. I will be on the front lines of the Euro crisis, as I broadcast Liberty In Exile on the airwaves and maintain the 21st Century Anti-Imperialist League on the internets. As always, updates and stories will be provided, and the fun […]

Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Empires

(Originally posted on the 21st Century Anti-Imperialist League page) Because the media of this day and age consistently extol the virtues of short memory spans, it is necessary for the newly-crowned Anti-Imperialist League of the 21st century to revisit history and teach the lessons so often forgotten in historiography. Afghanistan has, for over a century and a […]