Addiction issues would drastically be reduced in this country if we were taught what our God-given birthright as conscious humans is from an early age instead of having our brains actively switched off in school. That’s what school is: a prison for your mind. It’s a travesty that we do this to our children.

-Thomas Jane, star of HBO’s Hung.

In any normal circumstance, I wouldn’t ever consider any opinion by any celebrity, but this interview changed my mind about this guy.

Anyone who decries “any kind of in-depth brainwashing that’s done by CNN or any news show” is awesome in my book.

Sweden Pot Legalization Debunked

In due haste, the blogosphere dedicated to discussing news and information took to rehashing a bogus story which turned out to be a vicious hoax devoid of any and all fact. From twitter to facebook to reddit and tumblr, the limelight was focused upon the apparent change of heart in Swedish stoner-politics, finally allowing the […]

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