In Rare Move, Aggressive Hawk John McCain Denounces Military-Industrial Complex

In the political documentary Why We Fight, focusing on the relationship between defense contractors and the U.S. government, one of the most highly-profiled politicians with immense ties to military industries is Senator John McCain of Arizona. Throughout his congressional career, Senator McCain has made his name defending nearly every military conflict, using his political and […]

The ‘War’ on Christmas

As always, self-important public and private figures never hold back from declaring ‘wars’ on certain substances or tactics which prove forever futile. The 40,000 corpses lined across the Mexican border in the four years speak for the ‘Drug War’, while millions of dead civilians across the Middle East demonstrate the impact of the ‘War on Terror’. This […]

Candid Ron Paul Interview on Alex Jones Show

However bombastic or over-the-top some of you may envision Alex Jones to be, this is one of the most honest interviews Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has conducted thus far. The questions and answers are quite informative. His frankness on the issues—everything from the bill to legalize military detention for American citizens to the continued […]

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