Chomsky on Sports

Everything I ever thought about sports, summed up in two paragraphs: Take, say, sports – that’s another crucial example of the indoctrination system, in my view. For one thing because it – you know, it offers people something to pay attention to that’s of no importance. [audience laughs] That keeps them from worrying about – […]

The Eurocrats Want More Control

President of the European Commission, former Portuguese Communist José Manuel Barroso, went on PBS earlier this week to attempt to sell the American viewing audience on the message that the European Union needs “more integration” in order to solve the debt crisis. This comes as the Federal Reserve and other world central banks are warming […]

L’économie, c’est les individus. Lorsqu’on veut contrôler l’économie, on veut contrôler les actions des individus. C’est pour cela que notre parti prône la liberté individuelle. Nous croyons que les individus, les gens, les citoyens, les Canadiens savent mieux que nous ce qui est bon pour eux. Nous croyons qu’ils devraient avoir leur argent dans leurs poches, car ce sont eux qui vont créer la richesse.

Maxime Bernier, Député Conservateur de Beauce

My New Life in RSS Information Management

I have always been an individual both surrounded and fascinated by information. For the past 10 years, I have used the internet, books, magazines, newspapers, and television programs to craft my vision and understanding of the world. Before I was able to travel throughout so many beautiful European countries, I was merely a man informed by written […]

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