Bust: Cory Booker’s 790,000+ fake Twitter followers

By Yaël Ossowski | Special to Watchdog.org LYNSIE LEE: Cory Booker’s DM Twitter friend. After Twitter-savvy Newark Mayor Cory Booker‘s TMZ moment with a Portland stripper, the campaign for New Jersey’s special U.S. Senate election has focused in on the micro-blogging service. While Booker’s Twitter influence can’t be denied, it turns out it can be somewhat overblown. Out of Booker’s 1.4 […]

Germany: The recognition of Bitcoin gives young people a true monetary alternative

If everyday consumers and young people are craving positive economic indicators, they can no doubt turn to the de-facto legislation of an alternative digital currency in Europe’s most powerful country for inspiration. In an unprecedented move, the German Federal Ministry of Finance declared in a statement earlier this month that Bitcoin is not only an acceptable “unit […]

L’Oligopole Mobile Canadien

Le ‘Grand 3’ s’attire le soutien des syndicats pour garder des forfaits plus élevés Par Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post Le drame canadien de l’été a vu sa fin. L’effort de l’oligopole mobile pour restreindre la compétition et maintenir des forfaits plus chers a réussi. Pour ceux qui ont manqué le récit, ça commence avec […]

The Canadian Mobile Oligopoly

“Big 3” Team With Unions to Keep Cell Phone Bills Sky High By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post Canada’s summer drama has finally come to an end. The effort by the nation’s telecommunications oligopoly to restrict competition and maintain Canada’s record-high cell phone bills proved successful. For those who missed the action, it began with […]

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