The Watchers of the Watchers Have Flipped

US Intel Oversight Committees Are Biggest Cheerleaders of Privacy Violations By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post In the months since revelations about mass surveillance programs deployed by US and foreign leaders came to the public’s attention, there has been formidable outrage at home and abroad. The practice has sowed the seeds of distrust in Germany, troubled relations between the United […]

Vermont uses Democratic state rep’s brother to push state health exchange

By Yaël Ossowski | In the effort to promote the new health insurance exchange required by Obamacare, Vermont might have gone a little overboard. In a promotional advertisement posted to its social media accounts, Vermont Health Connect, the state’s health insurance exchange, posted a testimonial featuring Brian D. McCarthy, a father of two from Swanton. Hepraises the exchange. […]

Des voitures abordables pour les Canadiens, de la viande moins chère pour les Européens

Par Yaël Ossowski et Fred Roeder | Huffington Post Québec Le 18 octobre, le gouvernement canadien a signé un accord de libre-échange avec l’Union européenne (UE). Quoiqu’il attende d’être ratifié par les États membres de l’UE et les provinces canadiennes, un coup d’œil à cet accord nous montre comment la suppression d’obstacles au commerce pourra […]

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