How pointless, we said to ourselves, frontiers were if it was child’s play for any aircraft to cross them, how provincial and artificial were customs barriers and border guards, how contrary to the spirit of our times that clearly wished for closer links and international fraternity.

Stefan Zweig, Die Welt von Gestern (The World of Yesterday)

In which Chomsky uses NATO killing of Serbian journalists in 1999 as example of western hypocrisy re Charlie Hebdo. from Yaël via IFTTT

Transit visas are a scam.

As are nonresident visas. And resident visas for that matter. Not to mention permanent residence visas, passports, and any other documents of permission one must seek from government to temporarily or permanently stay on a certain quadrant or parcel of land.

Modern immigration systems are rackets.

I prefer open borders.


I started traveling in spring 2011, when I did an exchange semester in Vienna, Austria. Since then, I’ve visited 31 countries. Only beat Melanie by 2. from Yaël via IFTTT

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