This week, I’m teaching at a summer school in Hollabrunn, Austria. It’s for young Austrians (aged 11-16) to get native exposure to English, test their skills in math, try various exercises to increase their vocabulary and conversational skills. It’s been so fascinating to teach a generation of kids I seldom have any contact with. I’ve learned a lot@from them. During class, we talk geography, culture, rudimentary economics, differences between Anglosohere countries, and we sing quintessential American tunes. I also told them David Hasselhoff was responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall. Because aren’t we all just looking for freedom? 🎶 🎤 #wonderwall #hasselhoff #austria #esl #OssowskiAcademyOfExcellence (at Erzbischöfliches Gymnasium Hollabrunn)

Yaël Ossowski is an international consumer activist and writer. His writings and interviews have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online outlets across the world in multiple languages. He is founder and editor of Devolution Review, deputy director at the Consumer Choice Center, and senior development officer for Students For Liberty. He was previously a national investigative reporter at He has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) from the CEVRO Institute in Prague and a Bachelor's in Political Science from Concordia University, Montreal. He currently splits his time between Vienna, Austria and Charlotte, North Carolina.
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