Researching Transhumanism

I’m doing some research on Transhumanism. It seems to be a vastly rich subject field, but considering I’ve grown more “tech-pessimist” in the last few years, I’m interested in seeing how my mind could change.

So far, I’ve been recommended to read more Ray Kurzweil. I read his 2012 book How to Create a Mind and it was fascinating. Interested in seeing what more I can learn.

Yaël Ossowski is a journalist, writer, and consumer advocate. His writings and interviews have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online outlets across the world in multiple languages. He is the founder and editor of Devolution Review and deputy director at the Consumer Choice Center. He was previously a national investigative reporter at He has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) from the CEVRO Institute in Prague, and a Bachelor's in Political Science from Concordia University, Montreal. He currently splits his time between Vienna, Austria and Charlotte, North Carolina.
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