Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show: Hitting the Bars Post-Corona, New Normal

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAhg8aQnTaFqmxZT1AIun9TnlbvMd_muoda7Ok0/ Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski on The Joe Catenacci Show. Topics discussed: *Bars have opened in Austria. Yaël gives an in-depth report *How can consumers support businesses? *The New Normal This was broadcast on May 22, 2020, on The Big Talker WFBT 106.7FM http://consumerchoicecenter.org http://bigtalkerfm.com Listen to our weekly radio program Consumer […]

Consumer Choice Radio EP19: Brendan Carr: The FCC, Countering Propaganda, and Free Markets

Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by Yaël Ossowski (@YaelOss) & David Clement (@ClementLiberty). INTERVIEW: Brendan Carr (@BrendanCarrFCC), Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on the job of the FCC, countering propaganda online, the Chinese Community Party’s online efforts, American innovation and free markets, and the mistakes of California’s AB5 law Consumer Innovation Manifesto: https://consumerchoicecenter.org/consumer-innovation-manifesto-2020/ Elon Musk, hero […]

Consumer Choice Radio EP17: Should You Use TikTok?

Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by Yaël Ossowski (@YaelOss) & David Clement (@ClementLiberty). Two millennial dudes try to understand TikTok Elon Musk GOES OFF on Lockdowns Executive order on MEAT Justin Amash joins presidential race Shownotes: https://consumerchoicecenter.org/radio/ep17 Broadcast on The Big Talker 106.7 WFBT FM on May 2, 2020. consumerchoiceradio.com Subscribe to our YouTube Page: http://youtube.com/consumerchoicecenter

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