The Innocents Abroad 29: The Grand Narrative Jest

Broadcasting from Austria and Serbia, a podcast on life and society abroad.

26. September 2020

with Yaël Ossowski and Todor Papic

2:00 – A Serbian Man Escapes the EU

7:00 – Polish COVID

9:00 – Detailing international travel

12:00 – Buying Car

15:00 – Ron Paul Medical Episode

16:00 – Antiracism, Social Justice

16:50 – Identitarianism

20:00 – Growing Americanization of Everything

28:00 – It all comes from Australia

32:00 – Karl Popper and the Open Society

36:00 – Excited for Johan Norberg’s new book

44:00 – Podcasts to listen to

51:00 – David Foster Wallace and Quebec Separatism

55:00 – Kosovo Peace Deal

57:00 – QAnon goes mainstream

1:00 – Conspiracy theories and why they grow

1:03 – The Grand Narrative


Breath byJames Nestor

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters by Alan S. Miller, Satoshi Kanazawa

The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics by Kevin Williamson

Open: The Story of Human Progress by Johan Norberg

The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper