Thanksgiving Grinch

Before the law came callin’, we need a callback. On Wednesday, I arranged to meet my contact who happens to be a butcher (Servus Herr Mader!) who supplied me with his freshest 6.5kg (15lb) turkey from the Austrian countryside. I flashed my Apple Card® and we exchanged a few words in our usual banter, flooded […]

Consumer Choice Radio EP46: Guy Bentley on Legalizing Fun and Consumer Freedom

INTERVIEW: Guy Bentley, Director of Consumer Freedom Research at the Reason Foundation Election Day Ballot Initiatives on drugs, gambling, and taxes Game Day betting Pandemic reforms on alcohol, cannabis, and more The Obesity Mafia that won’t go away Private initiatives to increase health Vaping flavor bans and black markets Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by […]

The Wonders of Tech, Targeted Ads, Biden Blue State Bailout | Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show

Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski on The Joe Catenacci Show. Topics discussed: Targeted advertising Why people hate Big Tech Biden Blue State Bailout Thanksgiving Scofflaw This was broadcast on November 20, 2020, on The Big Talker WFBT 106.7FM Listen to our weekly radio program Consumer Choice Radio

Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show: Alexis de Tocqueville and alternative social media

Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski on The Joe Catenacci Show. Topics discussed: Continued lockdowns in Europe and around the world Will Joe Biden re-join the World Health Organization? Alternative Social Media networks ( Alexis de Tocqueville and civil society The End of the Politicization of Everything? AOC’s Enemies List This was broadcast on […]


Debrief de cette fin de saison NASCAR avec notamment Yaël Ossowski (Consumer Choice Center). Yaël Ossowski – Consumer Choice Center : La page facebook FRA SCAR :… Le groupe facebook FRA SCAR ULTIMATE NASCAR FANS :… Instagram FRA SCAR :… Le compte twitter FRA SCAR :

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