Consumer Choice Radio EP64: Suing the Governor on Lockdown Restrictions (w/ Goodwood Brewing CEO Ted Mitzlaff)

-European Railway Station Index is out!

-North America and transportation options

-Customs duties and free trade costs

-David spoils Yaël’s birthday present

-The Suez boat blocking global trade!

-Michael Bloomberg’s global war to outlaw vaping

INTERVIEW with Goodwood Brewing CEO Ted Mitzlaff

-The lawsuit against Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

-How long can governors keep their emergency powers?

-COVID’s impact on bars, restaurants, and breweries in Kentucky

-Entrepreneurs can follow CDC guidelines, but they can’t follow haphazard state rules that don’t correspond to science

-The best state laws and reputations for alcohol and breweries

Ted Mitzlaff is the CEO of Goodwood Brewing in Louisville, Kentucky. He is involved in a lawsuit against Gov. Andy Beshear for his emergency powers and COVID restrictions. That lawsuit is being aided by the Pacific Legal Foundation.


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