Month: March 2023

Crypto Voices Episode 148: Fix The Money

This week I appeared on the Crypto Voices podcast w/ madmen Matthew Mežinskis and Alec Harris. We talked about Bitcoin and the Uniform Commercial Code, the Catawba Digital Economic Zone, bank money apps, Operation Choke Point 2.0, the events in France, and the Fix The Money newsletter.

The Fiat Federation Seeks Total Annihilation of Bitcoin On-Ramps

Parts of the $1 million ‘Bitcoin Balaji Bet’ and ‘Operation Chokepoint 2.0’ seem to be coming true everyday. US banks that catered to cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin firms? Obliterated. Popular Bitcoin payment app used by millions of Americans? Short seller hitjob. Your ability to wire money to a crypto exchange in the UK? Denied. The second-biggest global exchange […]

In Attempt to Stop CBDCs, States Are Rejecting Ostensibly Pro-Bitcoin Legislation

The backlash against the UCC’s Article 12 has led to a firestorm among politicians who believe they are rejecting CBDCs. But these reforms represent a boon to Bitcoin, protecting self-custody and giving Bitcoin legal clarity in commerce and lending. In dramatic fashion earlier this month, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem wielded her red-hot branding iron […]

To support Oklahoma businesses, Gov. Stitt must match his words with action

In his State of the State speech last month, Gov. Kevin Stitt praised the diversified economy of Oklahoma as an achievement and a goal for his administration. And while the governor strives to make Oklahoma the “most business-friendly state,” it’s not difficult to see how that reputation has wavered. Oklahoma is ranked 42nd in Forbes’ recent list […]

The US Treasury is Pinched for Cash and Wants Bitcoin Miners and Traders to Pony Up

Joe Biden’s 2024 budget wants higher taxes on Bitcoin mining firms, more IRS surveillance, and wants to ax tax-loss harvesting for crypto traders. At a staggering $31.6 trillion, the United States is the single most indebted entity in the history of Earth. Unless there are still some highly leveraged firms on Jupiter HODLing trillions in […]

The Silent March of Bitcoin Policies Across US States

In this article, BPI Visiting Fellow and Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski illuminates the evolution of state level Bitcoin policy. As legislators focus on Bitcoin, they attempt to balance policy with various entrenched interests. Because it separates state from money, Bitcoin is inherently a political animal. ‍Bitcoiners may not want to interact with […]