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Public-nuisance lawsuits stifle innovation, and consumers ultimately foot the bill

With arcane rule changes and different policies on absentee voting, we are bracing for lawsuits and recounts that could keep both presidential candidates’ legal teams busy until New Year’s. For once, thankfully, it will not be Florida’s fault. This is another reminder of how much we have allowed our country to be captured by the […]

America loves lawsuits. So why can’t you sue a cop for excessive force?

Across the country, people of all backgrounds are in the streets to seek justice.  They feel let down by their institutions, their cities and their nation. They’re not wrong. The shocking death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has awoken many Americans to the pressing issues of police accountability and racial justice. For a lawsuit-frenzied country, […]

Florida should crack down on frivolous lawsuits, costly verdicts

In a time of bitter division in our country, it’s refreshing to see partisan flags fall and elected leaders rally to improve our institutions and make our communities better off and more secure. In Florida and dozens of other states, that mantra of late has been “criminal-justice reform.” Florida’s 2019 reforms sought to rehabilitate rather than punish, […]