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Consumers are skeptical about FTC’s efforts to break up Amazon Prime

On Scripps News Tonight, Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director @yaeloss (Yaël Ossowski) sifts through the latest #antitrust lawsuit and why consumers remain skeptical about the Federal Trade Commission’s attempt to break up Amazon Prime membership What will happen to 2-day shipping? Cheap prices? Data storage and streaming? Who’s being harmed? Broadcast: September 26, 2023

Yaël Ossowski on the Google ‘bigness’ trial threatening to upend mobile search | Fox 5 DC

A high-profile trial between the DOJ and Google could reshape the mobile phone market. At issue: Google’s willingness to cut deals to become the default search engine on most mobile devices, which the government believes gives it an unfair advantage. Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yael Ossowski is Jim’s guest on “The Final 5.” […]

Heard Tell Radio: Ukrainian Refugees, EU POV of Russia’s Aggression, & Technology Adapting To Crisis

Broadcasting extraordinaire Andrew Donaldson invites me on his excellent program Heard Tell to discuss the latest in Ukraine, the EU POV, and some finer points of technology. Subscribe to his show here. “On this Heard Tell Good Talks, guest Yael Ossowski joins to give a European point of view to the crisis, and how being […]


Debrief de cette fin de saison NASCAR avec notamment Yaël Ossowski (Consumer Choice Center). Yaël Ossowski – Consumer Choice Center : La page facebook FRA SCAR :… Le groupe facebook FRA SCAR ULTIMATE NASCAR FANS :… Instagram FRA SCAR :… Le compte twitter FRA SCAR :