Consumer Choice Radio EP65: Need for FDA Reform, Vaccine Reciprocity, and Practical Health Tips (w/ Dr. Henry Miller)

-Freeing the Ever Given ship in the Suez!

-New York State legalizes cannabis

-Should consumers care about unionization at Amazon?

INTERVIEW with physician and molecular biologist Dr. Henry Miller (@henryimiller)

-Where the FDA has gone wrong 

-The need for FDA reform when it comes to vaping products, drug approvals, regulatory decisions, and bureaucracy

-Could we ever see reciprocity in vaccine approvals?

-Lockdowns, anxiety, depression, and practical health tips

-The surprising health benefits of sugar-free chewing gum

-Are the issues surrounding the AstraZeneca vaccine worth it?

Henry I. Miller, MS, MD, is a Senior Fellow at the Pacific Research Institute and is a 15-year veteran of the FDA, where he founded the Office of Biotechnology.

Broadcast on Sauga 960AM and Big Talker 106.7FM.




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