In this episode, we interview Andrew Donaldson (@four4thefire), managing editor of Ordinary Times magazine. Before that, we discussed some of the storming of the Capitol, Lana Del Ray and her critics, and our latest media hits.

Articles of note:


-Oh, there was an impeachment?
-How impeachment and storming of the Capitol looks to outsiders
-Utterly shocking and utterly predictable
-The Destructive High Water Mark of MAGA
-The Trump “Lost Cause”
-The unraveling of conspiracy theories and Whataboutism
-The future of the GOP and how we deal with politics
-What is positive in the world: social media and global connection
-West Virginia, a COVID vaccine leader?
-The role of culture and local pharmacies in WV vaccine response

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Broadcast on The Big Talker 106.7 WFBT FM on January 14, 2021.





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