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McCain stumps in Miami as Romney pulls ahead in Sunshine State

With debates out of the way and a full accelerator on political advertising, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are in the last stretch to woo Florida’s independent, female and Latino, voting blocs that could end up delivering the White House.

Key to victory in Florida will be votes from independent voters and the Latino community, prompting Sen. John McCain’s visit to stump for Republicans in Miami’s Little Havana on Thursday.

Romney visited Kissimmee with Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday, hoping to beat Obama to the punch when it comes to Latino voters in the heart of the Interstate-4 corridor.

On Oct. 29, Obama is set to team up with President Bill Clinton to hit three key swing states in a row in one day, visiting Ohio and Virginia before ending with a rally in Orlando, hot on the heels of Romney.

Ann Romney provided some backup for her husband in Winter Park on Oct.24 and Daytona Beach on Oct. 25, capitalizing on a new AP poll showing Mitt Romney gaining ground with a 49 percent to 45 percent lead among female voters.

Poll Watch: The latest Sunshine State News poll shows Mitt Romney ahead 51-46 over Obama, the biggest single margin favoring the GOP presidential hopeful so far.

But even as the candidates strive to win over the last remaining undecided voters, the state parties are mounting their own efforts to help lock down the vote.

The Democratic campaign has spent most of its energy encouraging voters to hit the polls early, hoping to secure the absentee majority.

The GOP, on the other hand, has been drawing attention to allegations of voter intimidation as thousands of Florida residents, mostly Republicans, received bogus letters questioning their eligibility to vote.

The FBI opened an official investigation, and officials will release their findings before the election.

— Yaël Ossowski

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