By Yaël Ossowski |

A key part of Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan‘s campaign consists of tying his Democratic opponent Cory Booker to the administration of President Barack Obama.

In a fundraising email Lonegan sent Wednesday, the former mayor of Bogota laid out his case for way the race has reportedly narrowed to just 6 points according to Lonegan’s leaked internal polls, published in the National Review on Tuesday.

“This race is close because I’m not afraid to point out the stark differences between Cory Booker and myself,” writes Lonegan. “And I’m not afraid to point out that Cory Booker is nothing more than a rubber stamp for President Obama.”

This metaphor is a useful one for Lonegan, used on the campaign trail to pump up the conservative base while offering some clues to moderate voters somewhat favorable to Booker but who are definitely against the president.

So just how factual is Lonegan’s statement? Let’s take a look.

Obama’s view on the government shutdown:


And Cory Booker’s view:

Obama’s opinion on the Affordable Care Act:


Cory Booker’s view on the Affordable Care Act:

President Obama’s opinion on NSA spying:


Cory Booker’s take on NSA spying:


Obama’s view on marriage equality:


And Cory Booker’s view on marriage equality:



President Obama’s view on marijuana prohibition:


Cory Booker’s opinion on marijuana prohibition:

Obama’s view on government spending:


And Cory Booker’s view on government spending:

So while they may not be carbon copies, some voters in New Jersey may see that they share key ideas.

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