The Promise of Bitcoin: Alternative Currencies and Anonymous Markets

PanAm Columnist Presents Cryptocurrency to Austrian Libertarian Movement Yaël Ossowski writes the “Question the Narrative” column with the PanAm Post, and he is a true international man — dividing his time between Canada, the United States, and Europe. Recently, he introduced bitcoin to a mixture of libertarians and economics enthusiasts in Austria. Here…

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Bitcoin politician wants to upgrade democracy in Vermont

By Yaël Ossowski | When Jeremy Hansen ran for political office in 2012, he had no idea his candidacy would spark imaginations across the country. The assistant professor of computer science at Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., ran for the Vermont state Senate for Washington County on a bold platform of using online technology to ask every citizen…

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L’AGEFI: Alternative monétaire et législation de Bitcoin

Par Yaël Ossowski | L’AGEFI (PDF disponsible ici) Si les consommateurs attendaient des indicateurs économiques positifs, ils pourront en trouver un dans la légalisation d’une monnaie alternative dans le pays le plus puissant d’Europe. Dans une décision sans précédent, le Ministère des finances allemand a en effet déclaré que Bitcoin n’est pas qu’une unité comptable acceptable, mais…

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