Yaël Ossowski is a consumer advocate, writer, and radio host. His writings and interviews have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online outlets across the world in multiple languages.


FL: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s missteps on the national stage trouble re-election bid at home

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TAMPA — Often seen brandishing party talking points on national television and defending the president’s economic record in campaign speeches across the country, there are growing indications that U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, moonlighting as the Democratic National Committee chair, may need to begin defending her own record to keep her job come election […]

FL: Dem firebrand Grayson picks up old tactics in race for new House seat

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TAMPA — The congressman with a knack for colorful hyperbole and an audible distaste for Republicans is back After losing District 8 to Republican Daniel Webster in the 2010 midterm elections, former Democratic U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson now is aiming for the newly configured and Democratic-friendly 9th Congressional District, south of Orlando. […]

A Last Day in the Imperial City

Far removed from the sandy beaches and tropical wonders of Florida, I have explored and enjoyed the wonders of Vienna and the outlaying region for the past 12 days. While markedly shorter than my six month educational séjour in 2011, this trip was meant for a renewal of sorts—an opportunity to both reset my intellectual curiosity and embrace […]

World Outline and Leben und Lieben in Wien

Considering my free time and my new found allegiance to autonomous servers and websites, I have created my own travel website while I am on the European continent. Appropriately, I have titled my site Leben un Lieben in Wien, or Living and Loving in Vienna. The site is hosted through World Outline program and the OPML server mastered by podcasting pioneer Dave Winer, […]

OSSOWSKI: Federal judge returns sanity to Florida elections

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TAMPA— Honoring years of legal precedence, a federal judge has ruled that maintaining fair and legitimate voter registration rolls is probably a good idea, especially in the vote-challenged state of Florida. Previous examinations by the state yielded a list of over 200,000 suspected ineligible voters still on the registration lists across the Sunshine State — […]

FL: Officials decry ‘health tax’ mandated by upheld ACA

By Marianela Toledo and Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog MIAMI— After the Supreme Court‘s 5-4 ruling upholding the mandatory purchase of health insurance, much concern has been raised about the now-constitutional ‘health tax’ that Americans will be required to be pay. Florida officials were quick to point to the “ultimate deception” of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress that passed […]

FL: Is Rick Scott bucking the party line on immigration or faced with realities of office?

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TAMPA— It seems that after 17 months in office, Gov. Rick Scott is ready to change his mind as to what constitutes immigration reform. Surrounded by reporters after addressing the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials inOrlando on June 22, Scottexpressed a much more pragmatic approach to dealing with immigration than was heard in […]

FL: As hurricane season begins, lawmakers look to phase out state-subsidized insurance

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TAMPA— Ravaging Florida’s Gulf Coast on Sunday and Monday, the rains and winds brought by Tropical Storm Debby made quite an indelible mark on the Sunshine State. Not just because it was the fourth named tropical system of the official hurricane season and brought on record rainfall totals and wind damage in such a […]

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