Yaël Ossowski is a consumer advocate, writer, and radio host. His writings and interviews have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online outlets across the world in multiple languages.


FL: Debbie Wasserman Schultz sinks to new low, say fact checkers and media critics

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog ST. PETERSBURG — South Florida’s most prominent congresswoman, Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has not been held in high regard following her party’s nominating convention in Charlotte, a fact that ultimately could trouble her re-election campaign at home. In just a matter of weeks, Wasserman Schultz has received criticism from media critics and […]

OSSOWSKI: Political parties are no longer engines of democracy

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog ST. PETERSBURG, Fl. — Twice now, visible to all on national television, Americans have witnessed a democratic process snuffed by inner political party elites. First came the complaints of grassroots conservative activists in Tampa, Fla., at the Republican National Convention, upset by the national committee’s maneuvering granting future presumptive nominees the […]

DNC: Charlotte ‘convention bump’ enough to help Democrats’ uphill battle in NC?

By Yaël Ossowski | Watchdog.org CHARLOTTE — The whole point of a Democratic Convention in North Carolina was to support President Barack Obama‘s effort to capture the state’s critical 15 electoral votes. But a funny thing happened on the way to Charlotte: the popular local Democrats who might show up at the president’s side — lending him their credibility […]

De carré rouge à arc-en-ciel: Pourquoi les étudiants doivent voter pour la CAQ

Quand j’ai vu mes compatriotes dans les rues de Montréal le printemps passé, il n’y avait jamais un doute que ces jeunes révolutionnaires jouaient un rôle pertinent. En pleine conscience, mes anciens collègues se battaient pour un avenir libre d’intimidation, d’incertitude et d’identité imposée par l’état. Quant à moi, si le boycott étudiant avait été […]

FL: Critics say Boehner used RNC rules committee to quash internal dissent

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TAMPA — Delegates from 56 U.S. states and territories have come to the Republican National Convention here to represent the desires of millions of GOP voters who participated in presidential primaries in 2012. But party activists, delegates and influential observers allege the national party is using rule changes and sleight of hand […]

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