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The FTC’s cheering of a failed merger shows its disdain for consumers

Since when do government agencies applaud business deals that fall apart, resulting in hundreds of layoffs and loss opportunities for consumers who depend on those products? That’s what happened earlier this month, when the Federal Trade Commission issued a press release applauding the failed $1.7 billion acquisition of the technology firm iRobot by the ecommerce […]

Fox5 DC Interview: Elizabeth Warren’s anti-tech economic populism is deceiving consumers

I’m interviewed by Jim Lokay on Fox 5 DC on the latest legislative moves by Elizabeth Warren to undermine tech innovation. From grocery store mergers and sandwich monopolies to the breaking of phone encryption and Bitcoin, she is consistently singing a progressive, populist message that too often views technology as something to wrestle and regulate. […]

Yaël Ossowski on the Google ‘bigness’ trial threatening to upend mobile search | Fox 5 DC

A high-profile trial between the DOJ and Google could reshape the mobile phone market. At issue: Google’s willingness to cut deals to become the default search engine on most mobile devices, which the government believes gives it an unfair advantage. Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yael Ossowski is Jim’s guest on “The Final 5.” https://www.fox5dc.com/video/1278078 […]

Why Consumers Should Oppose the Latest Senate Antitrust Actions

The U.S. Senate is considering two antitrust bills by Sen. Amy Klobuchar that would significantly harm both consumer choice and innovation. Unfortunately, these bills have been co-sponsored by members of both political parties, creating what looks like a bipartisan consensus in the Senate chamber, but not one favored by the vast majority of American consumers. […]

Consumer Choice Radio EP63: Tech and Real Estate Boom & Bust (w/ Rachel Chiu)

-AstraZeneca and the blight of statistics -CCC Managing Director Fred Roeder on the health economics of European governments withdrawing the vaccine INTERVIEW with Young Voices contributor Rachel Chiu -The zeal for antitrust is completely forgetting the consumer -What is Big is not necessarily what is bad -The misguided quest for antitrust justice will exacerbate inequality […]

The government’s Facebook trustbusting is a zealous takedown that harms consumers and punishes innovation

Consumer group: The government’s Facebook trustbusting is a zealous takedown that harms consumers and punishes innovation WASHINGTON, D.C — On Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission issued its long-awaited lawsuit, in conjunction with attorneys general from 46 states, that aims to force Facebook to break up its popular services WhatsApp and Instagram for alleged “anticompetitive” behavior. […]

Antitrust tech hearings dig for consumer harm but come up short

Armed with face masks and fresh customer complaints, members of the House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law convened both virtually and in-person on Thursday, for the first of many hearings on competition in the tech sector. It was almost a six-hour marathon of gobbledygook legal turns of phrase and static-prone sessions of troubleshooting for lawmakers. […]