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Open Source Arrests: US Officials Sour on Biden’s War on Privacy

Biden is waging war on financial privacy, and not everyone is happy. The last several weeks have weighed heavily on those in Bitcoin who use privacy tools and software. Between the ceremonious arrests across two continents, Justice Department press releases, FBI warnings, and souring mood in Washington, many popular services for both sovereign and private […]

Biden’s AI “Collaboration” With Europe Will Hurt Innovation

The European approach to AI regulation will prevent its future expansion. Last week, President Joe Biden unveiled an executive order that marks the beginning of a U.S. regulatory path for artificial intelligence. The order is a prelude to forming a U.S. AI Safety Institute, housed within the Department of Commerce—announced by Vice President Kamala Harris […]

The US Treasury is Pinched for Cash and Wants Bitcoin Miners and Traders to Pony Up

Joe Biden’s 2024 budget wants higher taxes on Bitcoin mining firms, more IRS surveillance, and wants to ax tax-loss harvesting for crypto traders. At a staggering $31.6 trillion, the United States is the single most indebted entity in the history of Earth. Unless there are still some highly leveraged firms on Jupiter HODLing trillions in […]

Biden’s $100 Billion Push for Broadband Equity Is No Panacea

In our pandemic age, high-speed internet has become a necessity. Whether paying utility bills, logging in for school, or sending job applications, the transition from paper and pen to browsers and email has been swift. It makes sense that President Joe Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress want major investments in internet development. “A […]

Trusting the Elites (Yaël on the Joe Catenacci Show) Big Talker FM

-The AstraZeneca affair in Europe has shredded the credibility of several political leaders and the establishment -Florida’s Ron DeSantis vs. the Elites and what it means for the future of public policy -The Biden Administration has abandoned free trade Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski interviewed on the Joe Catenacci Show. This was broadcast […]

A Return to Responsibility | Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show

-The huge relief bill is a payoff to political constituencies rather than relief to the American people -Will the unconstitutional emergency orders be rescinded? -A return to constitutional government to protect our rights -Joe Biden’s immigration policies aren’t being directed by him or his ideas -The Megan-Royal Oprah Interview and our entertainment society -Is nationalism […]