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PanAm Podcast: Yael Ossowski Suggests Greater Political Autonomy Might Avert Catalonia Crisis

A recent podcast conducted with PanAm Post. This past weekend, the world watched as Mariano Rajoy‘s government deploy the national police to the Catalonia region in what proved to be a violent attempt to shut down an independence referendum regarding a political break with Spain. Journalist Yael Ossowski wrote an op-ed for the Washington Examiner […]

How do you build a successful independence movement?

By Yaël Ossowski In Scotland’s 2014 referendum, what I really learned is that a successful independence movement must be cultural and all-encompassing. A minority language helps. For many years, that’s what Québec had. But entrenched politicians (at the federal and provincial levels) began to change the terms of independence and what it would mean for […]

We are all Catalonians now: Why the Spanish crisis matters for all nations

In scenes straight from a 1984-esque dystopian thriller, armed policemen from the Spanish Guardia Civil descended into the streets of the Catalonian region over the weekend to halt a planned referendum for independence. Clubs were whirled in the air, polling stations demolished, and voters shoved to the ground. At last count, more than 1,300 people […]

What the Québec Independence Movement Can Learn from Catalonia

Leaving National Secession to Politics Alone Is a Mistake On September 11, the National Day of Catalonia, an estimated 1.6 million Catalans joined hands across the vast territory they’d like to call their own. Catalans link hands to rally for independence on the National Day for Catalonia. Dubbed the “Catalan Way,” the idea was to […]

The Stateless Man: As Europe Centralizes Power, Catalonia Yearns to Break Free

By Yaël Ossowski | The Stateless Man “Catalunya no és Espanya.” More than just a slogan, it’s become a rallying cry for the nearly 7.5 million Catalans who wish to demonstrate to the world that their culture, history, and language are far removed from the traditional concept of Spain. As a recent visitor to the city of […]