Consumer Choice Radio EP63: Tech and Real Estate Boom & Bust (w/ Rachel Chiu)

-AstraZeneca and the blight of statistics -CCC Managing Director Fred Roeder on the health economics of European governments withdrawing the vaccine INTERVIEW with Young Voices contributor Rachel Chiu -The zeal for antitrust is completely forgetting the consumer -What is Big is not necessarily what is bad -The misguided quest for antitrust justice will exacerbate inequality -What Joe Biden should know about the Chinese Communist Party Rachel Chiu (@RachelHChiu) is a Young Voices Contributor and public policy researcher. Broadcast on Sauga 960AM and Big Talker 106.7FM. Radio: Radio: Website: Write to us: Need a VPN […]

Why does the Chinese Communist party want my credit history?

Citizens and consumers in liberal democracies should fear the rise of the CCP I was one of them. One of the 147 million Americans who had their information compromised in the epic 2017 Equifax data breach. It was one of the largest hacks in history, leaking the names, social security numbers, addresses, and credit history of over a third of the country. At first, we were led to believe it was the result of sloppy cybersecurity and greedy hackers who wanted credit card data. But now, according to last week’s indictment from the Justice Department, we know it was the handiwork of […]