Rubio would ramp up use of national employment database

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog ST. PETERSBURG — As Florida’s U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio basks in the political limelight as the newly anointed ’savior’ of the Republican Party, all eyes are on his bipartisan immigration proposal released last week. THE SAVIOR? Sen. Marco Rubio’s plan would mandate use of a federal database to certify the immigration status of workers. The […]

Florida Democrats looking to alter ‘Stand Your Ground’

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog ST. PETERSBURG — After a failed state task force and dwindling public support, South Florida Democrats are proposing their own changes to the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, introducing a bill placing narrow constraints on how people justify shootings against would-be attackers and home invaders. REPEAL YOUR GROUND: Stafford […]

Harassed Miami photographer filing lawsuit against government

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog MIAMI — When private security guards working for the Metrorail system in Miami stopped photographer Carlos Miller last Sunday night for taking pictures, they had no idea they’d be brewing a storm. HEY CITIZEN: Miller was forcibly detained by private Metrorail security guards for filming on the public transit system. After Miller was forcibly tackled […]

Meet the Florida congressman who wants your guns

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog ST. PETERSBURG — One of Florida’s progressive heavyweights is out to collect the guns of Americans. But for a fair price, of course. GET ‘EM: Deutch is determined to start a national program to buyback the firearms of Americans. That’s the aim of U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, a Democrat from Florida’s […]

Amateur hour starts again in Tallahassee

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog TALLAHASSEE  — The state’s capital city is bustling this week, as another semester begins and piles of paperwork are handed out on the first day. LAW TIME: State legislators are in Tallahassee to prep the agenda for the upcoming session. After spending time with family and members of the […]

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