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Consumer Choice Podcast EP194: Evan Swarztrauber on the net neutrality rematch

Today we sit down with Evan Swarztrauber to anlayze the resurrection of the Title re-classification of Internet Service Providers, otherwise known as net neutrality. While net neutrality is an important principle, when weaponized by the FCC and the federal government, it could have disastrous consequences for investment, free speech, and innovation across the board. Evan […]

Biden’s $100 Billion Push for Broadband Equity Is No Panacea

In our pandemic age, high-speed internet has become a necessity. Whether paying utility bills, logging in for school, or sending job applications, the transition from paper and pen to browsers and email has been swift. It makes sense that President Joe Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress want major investments in internet development. “A […]

The Social Media ‘Deplatforming Purge’ Will Only Make the Internet a Seedier Place

At the dawn of the social media revolution, our first instincts were on the money. Instantaneous communication, blogging and social networks were the ultimate innovations for free speech. Millions of people were given a voice beyond the reach of traditional gatekeepers. It was glorious. Now that we’ve lived through two decades of this revolution, however, […]