The Day the GOP Died

Music video recorded with Free the People and Students For Liberty in Cleveland, Ohio, during the 2016 Republican National Convention. As Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination for president, the GOP convention feels more like a wake than a wedding. And what’s a wake without a good drinking song? THE DAY THE GOP DIED A long, long time ago I can still remember how their principles made me smile And I knew if they had a chance The GOP could advance A conservative agenda for the rank n’file But Super Tuesday made me shiver With every election result delivered Bad […]

The libertarian-minded Conservative who could give Justin Trudeau a run for his money

Source: YouTube His name is Maxime Bernier and he has all the great qualities of a small-town politician. He makes a point of visiting every part of his constituency while he’s in office. He saves resources by not printing up posters at election time, and he gets elected with higher and higher margins each time, even if his party is losing on the vote nationwide. He even put out a 60s-style jingle to entice voters in his riding of Beauce, Quebec. He’s no ordinary small-town politician, though. Bernier is also a principled Conservative with a penchant for a political philosophy that favors […]

Who Is A ‘Liberal’?

If there is one thing which seems outdated in current political systems, it is the arcane use of political labels. One would assume these long-held classifications would be universal across different cultures, but it turns out they’re just as petty and random as the individual lines alternatively called “borders” by those who aim to control free peoples. The most confusing term in my experience is ‘liberal.’  No doubt, American readers see that term and it conjures very specific images. Barack Obama. Bill Clinton. FDR. Democrats. Leftists. Socialists. But not too long ago, someone labeled a ‘liberal’ was seen very differently. […]