EP54: Last Mile Politics, Saving Lana Del Ray, West Virginia Success (w/ Andrew Donaldson)

In this episode, we interview Andrew Donaldson (@four4thefire), managing editor of Ordinary Times magazine. Before that, we discussed some of the storming of the Capitol, Lana Del Ray and her critics, and our latest media hits. http://ordinary-times.com Articles of note:https://ordinary-times.com/2021/01/07/the-destructive-high-water-mark-of-maga/ TOPICS: -Oh, there was an impeachment?-How impeachment and storming of the Capitol looks to outsiders-Utterly shocking and utterly predictable-The Destructive High Water Mark of MAGA-The Trump “Lost Cause”-The unraveling of conspiracy theories and Whataboutism-The future of the GOP and how we deal with politics-What is positive in the world: social media and global connection-West Virginia, a COVID vaccine leader?-The role […]