Consumer Choice Radio EP42: Fmr Gov. Mark Sanford on Debt, Deficits, and Donald Trump

Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by Yaël Ossowski (@YaelOss) & David Clement (@ClementLiberty). INTERVIEW: Mark Sanford (@MarkSanford) – Executive Director of Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction, Former Governor of South Carolina, Former U.S. Rep. (SC-1). TOPICS 00:00 – Intro 01:09 – Life after politics, reflections 2:00 – The founding of Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction 3:31 – Running for President in 2020 to push reduce the debt 3:50 – The Consequences of Debt: History from Weimar Germany and Beyond 07:16 – Trump, the GOP, and Why Deficits Didn’t Matter For Them 09:48 – The importance of federalism and […]