In light of COVID-19, what does banning flavored vaping achieve?

The nation is focused on containing a virus of mass proportions and mitigating the disastrous economic consequences of lockdowns. But that didn’t stop Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo from cheerily pushing his flavored vape ban in the state budget passed a few weeks ago in Albany. This follows Cuomo’s September 2019 emergency ban on vaping flavors, excluding tobacco and menthol, later struck down by the State Supreme Court because the governor “exceeded” his authority. Now passed by the State Legislature, the new measure prohibits the sale of tobacco and vaping products in pharmacies, bans online sales, and restricts vape shops from […]

COVID-19 gives us the opportunity for legal reform

Public life is now at a standstill in the United States. Millions are social distancing and staying at home to avoid further community spread of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. It’s important to remain positive, but times are tough. Nearly 18% of American households are facing reduced hours or layoffs at work according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. Plugging into the 24-hour news cycle and its doomsday predictions doesn’t give many good vibes either. That said, some government institutions remain on the clock. Legislatures in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and dozens of other states still have open sessions to […]