Consumer Choice Radio EP44: #ELECTION2020 Special

For this #Election2020 special, we check in with some of our Consumer Choice Center colleagues to get their take on some of the results (still pending) from the U.S. elections. We cover the Biden vs. Trump race, but also the ballot propositions that are awesome for #consumerchoice, various scenarios for the House and Senate, and what all this will mean for our work at the Consumer Choice Center. Joining us for election breakdown: Fred Roeder: Managing Director Bill Wirtz: Senior Policy Analyst Fabio Fernandes: Media Associate Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by Yaël Ossowski (@YaelOss) & David Clement (@ClementLiberty). Broadcast on […]

6: Technology as Pharmakon

The question of the impact of technology is a major theme in today’s culture. TV shows, books, and even entire fields of philosophy are dedicating to exploring the positive and negative impacts. Social media, an important method of communication for a large portion of Earth’s population, is very much an extension of this. In a sense, technology is the ultimate pharmakon, both a remedy and a poison in the same fell swoop. What does this dichotomy mean for how we’ll allow technology to shape our lives? Devolution Review: Crypto Imagination and the Coming Nightmare SUBSCRIBE: Spotify: […]

5: Who Controls Language?

Language is both beautiful and organic. It varies from country to country, in dialect, pattern, and tone. However, certain institutions and people are trying to change language and how we use it, both for political reasons and for simplification. Will they be successful? What if people reject these changes? How can we ensure the survival of our languages? Survey: Only 2% of Hispanics Prefer the Politically Correct Term ‘Latinx’ Tweet Une réforme pour simplifier les participes passés SUBSCRIBE: Spotify: Podcasts:

4: Citizenship of the Future

What will be the citizenship of the future? The tradition of citizenship has evolved over time, and been expanded for many who could not share in the rights, obligations, and responsibilities. But larger governing structures like the European Union, the affordability of travel, the changing nature of work, the Internet, and the portability of our rights are changing how we view citizenship. What if we could choose citizenship as easily as a cell phone plan or television? National Geographic: In ancient Rome, citizenship was the path to power Cicero: in Verrem Gold Newsletter Podcast: E-Citizenship Fosters Competition between Countries

3: Immigration is Hard

Immigration is actually tough. It’s not easy to leave your friends, family, network, and social capital you’ve built up. Added to that, there is already a complicated process that exists, yet many want to make it more difficult. Let’s not focus on extremes, and instead elevate what makes immigration important and necessary. Washington Examiner: Birthright Citizenship Helped Make America Great Yaël Ossowski: The Case for Open Borders and Free Immigration Charlotte Observer: Don’t kick out the Dreamers, Mr. Trump PanAm Post: The Difference between Expats and Immigrants? It’s Passports, Not Race

The Innocents Abroad 27: Meatless Burger Mania

The Innocents Abroad podcast. Broadcasting from Vienna and Warsaw, a podcast on life and society abroad. 1. August 2019 TIME CODES 2:09 – European Heath Wave 4:00 – Leaving the city for the countryside, traveling with babies 5:40 – Global Warming Media 6:45 – Now using Buzzsprout on Spotify, Tunein, etc. 7:49 – Facebook data 8:20 – Early adopters 9:30 – What We’re Reading 21:30 – Devolution Review 23:00 – Reddit is the worst 24:30 – Have I Been Pwned 27:10 – Dropping books 27:50 – Meatless Burgers Impossible Burger Beyond Meat Garden Gourmet 30:00 – GMOs in Europe GMOs in […]

The Innocents Abroad 26: Self-Medicating

Yaël broadcasts from the HB5 studio in Concord, North Carolina, and Todor comes in from Warsaw, Poland.  TOPICS: Traveling with a baby  Exploring the south  Cluster headaches – Default mode network – Examining medical journals  Self-medicating  Psychedelics  Social Justice  On Friendship  Black Mirror  BOOKS: Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America (by Noah Rothman): How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence (by Michael Pollan) The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure (By Jonathan […]