Yaël Ossowski, M.A. – CEVRO INSTITUTE

Yaël Ossowski, M.A. – CEVRO INSTITUTE Alumni profile on the website of the CEVRO Institute. The Eight Questions and Answers What is your current job position?  Deputy Director, Consumer Choice Center Why did you choose CEVRO Institute? I chose CEVRO Institute for my master’s degree because of the reputation of the institution, the great faculty, and the location right in downtown Prague. Has the school changed your life? If so, how?  Being at CEVRO gave me new insight on apply academic insights to my work and the best way to use my current network for full potential. Not only do I […]

‘Free’ EU roaming is great for travelers like me, but at the expense of everyone else

By Yaël Ossowski | PPE.life On my last train ride between Prague and Vienna, that twice weekly jaunt I’ve commandeered for the sake of studying economics, I put down my red wine and closed my half-finished Word document to check my phone’s signal and make a call. When I saw that I had left my Austrian mobile SIM card in my phone all day without switching over to the Czech one, after many hours sauntering on Prague’s uneven streets, a small sense of panic flooded my spine. “The roaming fees will bankrupt me,” I exclaimed to myself, “what am I […]

Prague Café Society

The plates were slammed on the small wooden tables and the smiles keep strict and clean. The waiter had no particular reason to celebrate today, a day like any other.  As for me, another smudge of Czech beer on the lips brought forth another truth. It was the lifeblood of my Prague café life. Not so different from my Vienna café life. Or café life in general. Hours spent creating an insular reality dominated by words and good humor. Cappuccinos piling up beside local brews and menus lost in the shuffle.  I could only get work done against the noise […]

The Innocents Abroad Podcast: Episode 6 — Something Kafkaesque

In yet another instance of changing location, Yaël has moved to Prague, Czech Republic. He shares his experiences in Czechia and Todor is already insanely jealous. From there, it’s all about great literature, Pan-Europeanism, bureaucracy, the legacy of great authors, abortion protests in Poland, and why you should never read Paulo Coelho. And a lot of absurdism. Recommendations: Stefan Zweig – The World of Yesterday, Beware of Pity, Fear Albert Camus – The Stranger, The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus Franz Kafka – The Trial, Metamorphosis James Joyce – The Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Jonathan Safran Foer […]

Joyful Jaunt and a Life Divided

A joyful jaunt in Brussels. The bellows of our lungs swamped with Belgian beer. Now only a train and plane separates me and the fair streets of Vienna, where I will unite with my woman under the pillars constructed by the hands of ancient pious craftsmen. But the next day, a new partition of life begins in Prague, Czech Republic. Can a man remain whole against the many cuts of the knife of life?

The Innocents Abroad Episode 4: Czech Your Privilege

Today I was joined by writer and journalist Anthony Hennen for his take on living and traveling in post-communist Europe. We met in Prague years ago, and we ponder the possibility of both returning to uncover more about this fascinating place.  http://anthonyhennen.com  Song: “Freak” by Shane Ó Fearghail Buy his latest album ‘They Might See Dolphins’ on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/they-might-see-dolphins/id1112270111 http://theinnocentsabroad.com