Facebook failures may be real, but the case for increased censorship is weak

By Yaël Ossowski | Washington Examiner Once the so-called Facebook whistleblower revealed her identity and story, it was only a matter of time before the public imagination of one of the largest social networking sites would go off the rails. What Frances Haugen released to the Wall Street Journal in her initial leaks, which it dubbed the “Facebook Files ,” detailed how Facebook had made decisions on which accounts to censor, survey data on Instagram use among teens, and the status of the civic integrity team tasked with countering misinformation around political topics. Many of the revelations are fascinating, and some damning, but they point […]

FCC net neutrality regulations include one really scary sentence

By Yaël Ossowski  / March 13, 2015 / Watchdog.org At long last, the FCC has released its 400-page tome of net neutrality regulations. One sentence alone reveals in a nutshell what’s to come. It’s to be found in the massive document released by the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday, nearly two weeks after three of the five commissioners adopted the plan. It reclassifies Internet Service Providers as public utilities under Title II of the Communications Act, originally passed to regulate telephone companies, and forbids them from blocking or diminishing access to content online. But at least one sentence of the […]