Site 2.0 and Learning Small Code

It only took me a few days of background work, but I’ve completed the re-design of the pages I use to represent myself on the net: My intro page has been set up as a bonjour, welcoming readers, breaking down my affiliations, linking my other web sites, and displaying a short biography. The page is built with basic bootstrap CSS, using small pieces of javascript to make the output clean and effective. I’ve also embedded a java version of my Linkblog, in order to show people articles and videos I’m linking to and reading. The resulting RSS feed is how […]

My New Life in RSS Information Management

I have always been an individual both surrounded and fascinated by information. For the past 10 years, I have used the internet, books, magazines, newspapers, and television programs to craft my vision and understanding of the world. Before I was able to travel throughout so many beautiful European countries, I was merely a man informed by written word and visual footage, an adequate but uneventful preparation. And now, as the evolution of technology yields so much control to individuals, I have invested much time and energy into the study, understanding, and practice of the personalization of information. It is a trend unacknowledged […]