What of Our Grand Experiment?

By Yaël Ossowski | Devolution Review The fate of Europe seems forever in flux. We need to rethink its foundations. Unbeknownst to millions of ordinary European citizens, they’ve participated in a grand experiment for the past two decades. It’s the modern version of an imperial territorial zone, customs union, and free travel zone—all rolled into one. For its size and scale, it’s truly unprecedented in history. The ‘permission slips’ for conducting this grand experiment were tacitly distributed among nation-states and exchanged between government bureaus. Wherever the public got too curious, a vote was reluctantly held—a general plebiscite—which avoided the complexity […]

Now is the time to uphold the Schengen agreement

By Yaël Ossowski | September 15, 2015 | CapX The current refugee crisis represents a moment of great stress for the European project. A plethora of voices are calling for change, but now is not the time to forsake the freedom of movement enshrined in the Schengen agreement. In the last few months, the surge of refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, has strained the resources of many European countries. This weekend, the panicked German Interior Minister called for the border with Austria to be reinstated, in order to stop  15,000 people entering Germany in a single day. At […]