If Not the Parti Québécois, Who Is Today’s Quebec Secessionist?

A Reset Button for the Quebec Independence Movement is Due By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post After a whopping defeat in the last provincial election, Quebec secessionists are doing of bit of soul-searching, and with good reason. The Parti Québécois (PQ), the province’s progressive separatist party, held the reins of a minority government when it brought voters to the polls on April 7. The next day, it was bloodied, blue, and shut out of the halls of power. The Parti Québécois lost the April election in their worst showing since the founding of the party. Source: YouTube. Instead of the […]

The Parti Québécois Electoral Ploy of “Secularism” Will Weaken Quebec

Provincial Leader Debate Shows PQ’s Turn to Irreverent Populism By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post In 1995, Quebec premier and Parti Québécois (PQ) leader Jacques Parizeau declared in his speech following the province’s failed referendum on secession that the battle was lost due to the “ethnic vote.” Almost 20 years later, his party has taken that message to heart, crafting their entire 2014 electoral campaignon the promise to secularize provincial institutions and eradicate the wearing and displaying of religious symbols on those in public life. While the proposed Charter of Quebec Values (Charte des Valeurs Québécoises) is branded as secular and neutral, it […]