Ever dreamed of jumping out of planes for a living? The Red Bull Skydive Team takes falling to the next level

by Yaël Ossowski in May 2017, Sport / 29.4.17 / Metropole Red Bull gives a fearless troupe wings to become mile-high paragons of their sport High above the Austrian Alps, a trio of professional athletes prepare their gear. Helmet? Check. Gloves? Check. Airplane? Check. Red Bull and parachute? Double check. Young and full of vigor, Marco Waltenspiel, Dominic Roithmair and Marco Fürst are no ordinary sportsmen: They’re professional skydivers, part of the Red Bull Skydive Team based out of Salzburg. “In the beginning, it’s about getting to know the air and how you feel,” Roithmair told Metropole. “After a while, […]