The Terror of Sleep Paralysis

Despite my best efforts to break free, my body remained chained to the bed. All I could muster was a muffled screech pleading to be woken. Infinite shapes and forms of colorful figures skimmed my chest, subtly applying pressure to my muscles with every sweep. Every move of the dark figures floating around my body was choreographed and narrated via an omnipresent loudspeaker somewhere behind me. Flickers of my life – from childhood until adulthood – were hastily projected onto a cracked screen at the foot of my bed. On my left was a person I did not know, wearing a […]

Yet Another Night of Sleep Paralysis

Quite fitting that upon my arrival in North America, after five months of absence, my unfortunate condition of sleep paralysis returns. For those who have been lucky enough to stave off its misfortune, I shall explain it quite simply through my own experiences. Sleep paralysis is a condition which plagues those who have suffered recent bouts of insomnia, environmental change, or general-level stress. Imagine going to sleep, ever-slowly. Your body drifts off to the wonders of the dream world, sure to encounter worlds beyond thought and imagination. Your body relaxes. It remains locked in motionless, aided by REM atonia–which paralyzes the body […]