David Clement Targets Harper’s Fiscal Underbelly in Libertarian Candidacy

Is Classical Liberalism the Fix for Canada’s Disgruntled Conservatives? By Yaël Ossowski | October 7th, 2015 | PanAm Post How often do you find a Canadian politician willing to criticize both intervention in the Middle East and the Dairy Commission in the same breath? At least for the Libertarian Party of Canada, they’re two issues which have more in common than one might think. Whether it’s calling for scaling back bombing campaigns or the end of lactose subsidies, David Clement —  candidate for the riding (electoral district) of Oakville Burlington-North, just outside Toronto — says his party gives a voice […]

Stephen Harper’s New Election Law Not Worth the Outrage

Canada’s Electoral Reform Answers Critics and Shapes Up System By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post As per usual in Canadian federal politics, a genuine reform bill is tabled in the House of Commons and an onslaught of doom-and-gloom scenarios are painted by opponents to the Conservative government of Stephen Harper. When Minister of State for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre introduced the Fair Elections Act in Parliament last week, one would have thought the Conservative government was proposing to massacre every Canadian family’s first-born child or completely do away with the idea of democracy. Truth is, the 252-page electoral reform bill addresses many of the […]

Canada’s War with the United Nations

For National Sovereignty and Against International Bureaucracy By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post  The Canadian federation has always been a prime supporter of the United Nations (UN). In fact, John Peters Humphrey, a Canadian legal theorist from McGill University, authored the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, the founding document for the premier international organization. In 1957, Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs (and later Prime Minister) Lester B. Pearson offered the idea of installing blue-helmeted UN peacekeepers in the war-stricken Suez Canal — an effort which later won him the Nobel Peace Prize. But more than 50 years later, […]