A Viral Video Helped This Afghan Refugee Find A New Home in Lithuania

It’s a story full of hope among a sea of despair, one involving one of Europe’s smallest yet proudest countries. With thousands of refugees currently awaiting their fate at the periphery of Europe’s borders, hoping to reach Germany, the United Kingdom or Sweden, at least one man was setting his sights on the Baltic nation of Lithuania. Last week, American journalist Josh Friedman of the Freeman Post took a trip to the Greece-Macedonian border to interview refugees and collect stories of those stuck there. It was outside Idomeni, Greece that he met an Afghan refugee named Basir Yousofy, who had […]

We Helped Cause the Refugee Crisis In Europe. Now We Need To Help Fix It

By Yaël Ossowski | IJ Review Though it’s been knocking on the doors of the European continent for some time, the Syrian refugee crisis is at last making headway in western media around the world. The image of the body of a three-year-old Syrian boy washed ashore in Bordum, Turkey after an unsuccessful sea voyage to the Greek island of Kos signaled to many people around the world that the status quo in Europe has failed the very people driven to desperation. And many of those people are fleeing for the hope of not just a better life, but one […]

Adam Curtis on Today’s Nonlinear World Which Confuses and Contradicts

Adam Curtis asserts that the strategy of creating confusing and contradictory political and media narratives, used to “undermine people’s perception of the world,” is the newest power structure emerging in our time. It’s a non-linear presentation of facts which make it so difficult for any ordinary person to even grasp the significance of anything. Unfortunately, the more people read mainstream news and the more information they digest, the more confused they become, breeding a sort of enlightened mass ignorance. “In the face of this people retreat from journalism and politics. They turn away into their own worlds, and the stories […]

Liberty In Exile: We Like War

DIRECT LINK TO MP3 This 7. May 2013 show was broadcast from the Freiheit Studio in Vienna, Austria on the Liberty Radio Network and the No Agenda Stream.  Specifically we looked at the Syrian bomb parade, CIA help, European Central Bank in crazy overdrive, 3-D guns, George Carlin, Switzerland, and much more. SHOWNOTES THE SYRIAN AFFAIR UN accuses Syrian rebels of carrying out sarin gas attacks which had been blamed on Assad’s troops dailymail.co.uk Israel confirms airstrike on Syria youtube.com ‘Israel may be behind chemical weapons use’ jpost.com Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With Aid From C.I.A. nytimes.com Obama moving toward (officially) sending lethal arms to […]