Union coalition makes push in last day before election

By Yaël Ossowski | Wisconsin Reporter MILWAUKEE — At canvassing sites across Wisconsin, union-backed coalitions are preparing their final lists of identified voters determined to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker.  At a downtown field office, We Are Wisconsin, a grassroots voter education and mobilization group functioning as a political action committee, volunteers have erected large poster boards […]

Preibus meets the troops in Wisconsin

By Yaël Ossowski | Wisconsin Reporter WAUWATOSA — After the tea party tidal wave hit the national and state capitols during the mid-term elections in 2010, establishment Republicans seemed uncertain on what this grassroots energy would become once given the reins of governance. Less than 20 months later, the battle that initially set its eyes […]

Political reindeer games, crime stats in WI recall race

By Yaël Ossowski | Wisconsin Reporter MILWAUKEE — At the zenith of the hotly contested and increasingly partisan campaign to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who knew the divisive political discourse would center on what constitutes a “violent” crime? This follows an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which determined that more than 500 cases of aggravated assault were downgraded […]

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