The list of Wall Streeters who have ended up with government jobs, and vice versa, is long.

Some would argue that the incestuous nature of the relationship and the revolving door between Washington and downtown Manhattan is dangerous.

Others are glad to have people in the Capitol making decisions about the economy who have actually been involved in it practically.

The Wall Street-to-Washington-and-back revolving door has been swinging at least since 1934 (when Joseph Kennedy was appointed Chairman of the SEC by President Roosevelt, after a successful career on Wall Street), and it’s still going.

In the last couple of months, the government has found appointees on the Street and banks have pulled new employees from the SEC and the Fed.

To give you a better idea of the swarm of people who have served time on Wall Street and K Street or Pennsylvania Avenue, or all three, we rounded up a few of our favorites and the newest converts.