This terrible article makes a caricature of Vienna and the Austrian people and its author should be ashamed of herself.

all the beauty and majesty of this city, she adheres to Godwin’s law by
effectively saying Vienna is heading back to olden times of the Reich
because people aren’t sure what to think about a huge refugee crisis
that no country knows how to handle.

It’s such a lazy,
overused tactic which simplifies so much about contemporary Vienna. And
to the political point, there is a huge glorification of the social
democratic party which makes no sense to anyone who actually lives here.

But what can you expect
from an author who rather than jets in for a few days, stays in a hotel
in the first district, and meets city elites who write the script for

Anything that is not a left-wing, statist party = Nazi, is what she says. Shameful.

“Newspaper of record,” they say.