I’m using ink-stained hands to type on this keyboard today. I’ve been writing personal Thank You letters to the greatest supporters and contributors of Students For Liberty – a new fountain pen has twisted into exhaustion.

Though the ink will fade, the work of SFL shall continue to thrive. I’ve worked as a volunteer and staff member for this organization for over 3 years, and made countless friends, met heroes, traveled across many nations, experienced so many different shades of fights for freedom, and seen incredibly talented young people turn their version of classical liberalism into action with all kinds of projects, events, articles, and much more.

Though there are thousands who may no longer wear the SFL lapel pin, the spirit of what they achieved lives within them and will carry forward to help secure a future of prosperity and individual liberty.

Consider a one-time small donation to help grow this message ever more – to make the case for a cosmopolitan millennial libertarianism, and to make certain that a generation carries forth the torch of freedom by being equipped to do so, one university campus at a time.