Broadcast on September 17, 2021 on WFBT Big Talker 106.7FM, Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski filling in for morning show host Joe Catenacci.

0:00 — Joe Catenacci Trailer

0:55 — Yaël Intro

02:14 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to mess up everything related to cryptocurrency (#taxtherich?)

06:30 — Financial protection or financial freedom?

16:37 — California recall election fails and who is left holding the bag?

21:50 — The grown of hospital administrators versus physicians: do we have a bureaucracy problem??

30:00 — A US General “backchanneling with the Chinese”!

33:50 — What does media bias look like?

38:30 — Do we even know what a trillion dollars looks like anymore?

43:30 — Nicki Minaj versus the Internet on vax skepticism. Let’s do this!

#china #warren #crypto