The Death of a Journalist

Yesterday I sat down for breakfast with a friend of mine, a fellow journalist, at a posh bakery in Vienna’s 3rd district.   It was a chance meeting. We rarely ever have time to catch up. In the 20 months I’ve known him, we’ve arranged to meet only three times.    He is very intelligent […]

Obama issues credit card industry bailout by executive order

By Yaël Ossowski | The credit card industry got a huge boost from President Obama last month when he signed an executive order requiring a switch to chip-and-pin technology for government vendors and agencies. It dictates the Department of the Treasury “take necessary steps” to guarantee payment terminals authorized by the agency have “enhanced security features” […]

Mario Vargas Llosa: “Latin America Has Never Been Freer than Today”

Famed Peruvian Author Imparts Wisdom for Next-Generation of Liberals By Yaël Ossowski October 28, 2014 | PanAm Post Standing tall behind the podium before the Italian crowd, famed Peruvian writer and Nobel laureate author Mario Vargas Llosa spoke with confidence and fervor. He was surrounded by ideological friends. “It is only liberalism which promises the liberty […]

Unplugged: Facebook Exodus

I remember the act of joining Facebook. It was 2007, in the spring of my senior year of high school. I had just been accepted to at least 2 universities and I knew I was bound for a big life on campus. I almost made it a point of principle to not join Facebook before […]

An Island Hopper’s Manifesto

The careening bow of the ship tilts the top two centimeters of my beer ever so slightly, but the violence is contained within the glass. It’s been at least 40 minutes since we spotted land, but the boat continues to cut through the dark blue waters. Even with such anarchy below, currents ripped up by […]

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