A Glimpse of Ottawa

It’s an oddity that I would only explore the capital city of my birth nation well into my 20s.  Then again, it’s a curse which befalls most natives of colossal and reaching lands. One can live an entire life alienated from the decreed city of administrative bureaucracy, far from paper pushers and stamps. At least […]

La dure vérité d’Uber à l’Assemblée nationale

Par Yaël Ossowski | Huffington Post Québec Lorsque la province s’agite face à la présence des nouvelles technologies qui risquent d’offrir de meilleurs services aux Québécois, les échanges les plus importants prennent lieu à l’Assemblée nationale du Québec. Pas entre les députés, mais la dure vérité offerte à la Commission des transports et de l’environnement. […]

The Qatari Layover

The ringleader in traditional garb speaks in short, concise shouts of Arabic. He holds the floor. Another blows the smoke from the hookah pipe into his face and he easily retaliates. No shame there. His deputy to his left motions to a group of western women and their flowing hair who’ve made an entrance. They […]

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