Enough with the Potions! – Consumer Choice Radio (7. March. 2020)

Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by Yaël Ossowski (@YaelOss) & David Clement (@ClementLiberty). Airlines set to lose $113 billion due to Coronavirus scare Traveling during pandemic time Super Tuesday massacre Vaping tax? What’s happening in the Texas of Canada? INTERVIEW: Ashely Baker, Director of Public Policy, Committee For Justice: What we need to know about tort […]

A Push for Smart Regulation of CBD

Encourage competition, safety, medical facts and eradication of the black market ARLINGTON, Va. — Flashy display cases, provocative brand names and lists of health benefits have elevated cannabidiol (CBD), a nonintoxicating compound found in cannabis, to be one of the hottest product trends today. Whether it be for health, pets or beauty care, the use cases […]

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